Privacy Policy

1. Awareness

Eco Cleaning Services London makes all staff and clients aware of the private details they entrust with us. We train our staff on the importance of the privacy of our clients. Any breach of this confidentiality is considered gross misconduct.

1.2 How is this enforced through staff?

Staff are made to sign confidentiality agreements. No details of the property internal or otherwise are allowed to be discussed with third parties outside of the Eco Cleaning Services London organisation. As part of the company policy, we take due diligence on our part making sure background checks are carried out on our staff. We retain and subsequently delete data after a period of 12 months from the customers last clean with our company.

2. What information do we hold?

The current information we hold on staff includes names, addresses, emails, bank account details, phone numbers, information on gender and also some photo ID. On our customers, Eco Cleaning Services London retains information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, emails, and in some cases property keys.

Eco Cleaning Services London uses a third party company PlanDay which holds both customer and staff details as well. You can read PlanDay’s own FAQ on GDPR compliance here

3. How Eco-Cleaning is communicating the new GDPR changes?

We have a dedicated page on our website and also use our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) to communicate the company policies and overall positioning in regards to the GDPR changes and overall privacy.

4. Individuals Rights

Individuals, whether staff or clients have the ability to query Eco Cleaning Services London on any information on them we retain. As a company policy, we keep all clients data on file for a period of 12 months after ending their last clean with us, before a request can be made to have it deleted from the record. For any additional questions on your data not covered here please contact us

5. What ways does the Eco Cleaning Services London record and manage the consent of data?

Eco-Cleaning Services London Ltd collects data via our secure website and we carefully manage the consent of data in an explicit and obligatory question, printed at the end of our online forms.

6. Detecting data breaches within Eco Cleaning Services London

Any data breaches within Eco Cleaning Services London or via our third-party partners will be relayed immediately to our staff and customers.


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Environmental Statement

Even though we advocate and promote the use of natural ecological cleaning products for our cleaning programs, we do listen and accommodate any changes from customers who prefer to use the standard cleaning products.