Eco-Cleaning Services London Ltd


How much will it cost to clean my house?

Our prices are set at £12.00 per hour/per person (for a house clean)

        £13.00-£15.00 per hour/per person (deep/ blitz clean

Exact costs depend on your requirements, the number of bathrooms and many other aspects ranging from laundry requests, appliance cleaning. The first visit usually costs more than subsequent visits as generally, it takes additional cleaning tasks to get a home up to first class standard.  Our estimate for the first visit will be expressed as a cost range. We will contact you for authorization for more time in the event our cleaners go over time.
Once the first clean has been undertaken, your home’s spotlessness can be easily maintained with a regular visit. Regular visits are charged as a flat fee. You will receive an estimate for both the initial cleaning and the regular cleanings up front. Once the initial house cleaning has been completed, we will confirm your regular cleaning price.