Eco-Cleaning Services London Ltd


Do I have to be home at the time of my cleaning?

Every circumstance is unique. We prefer you to be present at the first-time cleaning only so that you can meet the employee and give them or the cleaning team full instructions on how you prefer things to be done. Also if the cleaner has questions or concerns, you are able to point out all of the specifics.
Should there be a situation where we are scheduled to come to your home, and we are locked out at your fault of you or your building management, including doorman/concierge buildings, we must charge you a lock out fee. We must be able to access your home to provide cleaning services. There are three choices: 1) The most convenient; you may leave a key on file in our key safe. 2) You may leave a key with your doorman. 3) You may meet the cleaner to give them access at the time of the clean.