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If you require any of our domestic cleaning services or any information, please contact us and we will put together a cleaning package tailored to meet your requirements. Whether you need a daily clean or a weekly clean, Eco-Domestic Cleaning Ltd should be your first point of call.

Contact us info@ecocleaningserviceslondon.co.uk

What products do we use in cleaning?

Eco-Domestic Cleaning believes and practices the back to basic approach to cleaning and a commitment to the environment by using natural products such as lemons, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.

All our products are non-toxic and non-harmful to marine and aquatic life. This ensures peace of mind for the end user, both at work and in the home. And of course, they really do work exceptionally well and smell great at the same time!

Domestic Cleaning
Domestic Cleaning

  • Weekly or twice-weekly domestic cleaning programme
  • One-off domestic deep cleaning
  • Home de-clutter and deep cleaning service
  • Cleaning for the disabled and elderly
  • Oven cleaning
  • Refrigerator cleaning


Our prices range from £11.50 to £12.50 per hour for domestic cleaning. These prices are subject to a site survey.

Blitz or Deep Clean

From £13.00 per hour per staff

Weekly Domestic Clean

From £12.00 per hour per person.

Kitchen Cupboards and Draw Cleaning

From £11.50per hour

After Party Cleans

From £13.50 per hour per person

Fridge / Freezer Cleaning

£45.00 one off.

Oven Cleaning

£50.00 one off

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